Ancestors in the Americas: Asian American History series

ANCESTORS IN THE AMERICAS is the first in-depth television series to present the untold history and contemporary legacy of early Asian immigrants to the Americas, from the 1700s to the 1900s. Creating first-person voices through an innovative "documemoir" approach, ANCESTORS brings to life a largely unexplored past, not found in standard textbooks, and invites a new understanding of American history.

Traces the global forces that brought the first Asians -- Filipinos, Chinese and Asian Indians -- to the Americas and the Caribbean in the 18th and 19th centuries, and looks at their lives as sailors, coolies, and finally settlers.

Detailed summary and images
Portrays the large-scale immigration of Chinese during the Gold Rush, their central role in developing the American west, and their landmark legal battles to overcome discrimination and expand the definition of "American."

Detailed summary and images

"Editor's Choice. Eye-opening for its startling distinct approach to
Asian American history, ambitious in scope, and exhaustive in coverage,
this extraordinary series presents a fresh, unconventional study
of the Asian presence in the Americas."

– BOOKLIST, American Library Association

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