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Nisei Soldier focuses on the heroism of American men of Japanese ancestry who fought bravely during World War II, despite the intense moral dilemmas they faced. Leaving their families imprisoned in "relocation centers", many young Nisei (second generation American-born Japanese) proved their loyalty in WWII by enlisting in the all-Japanese American 442nd Infantry Regiment which fought in Europe. Because of the Regiment's incredible bravery in battle, liberation of French towns, and high casualty rate, it became the most decorated unit in U.S. military history. The film asks: What sustained these young men forced to battle on two fronts at once -- against fascism abroad and intense prejudice at home? More than a war story, Nisei Soldier is a tale about personal honor, family loyalty and love of country -- and what it means to be an American.

Includes study guide.

30 Minutes • Documentary • High School to Adult
Produced and Directed by Loni Ding
, 1984

Shown in both houses of U.S. Congress for Japanese-American Redress / Reparations hearings

Broadcast on PBS and the BBC

Emmy Award, Northern California Region
Blue Ribbon, History, American Film Festival, New York
Gold Medal, New York International Film & Video Festival
Silver Plaque, Chicago International Film Festival
CINE Golden Eagle, Washington, D.C.,
National Emmy nominee, News and Public Affairs, NY,

"Easily the best film on the subject I have seen. It contributes enormously to the cause of justice."
-Joan Bernstein, Chair, Presidential Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians.

"Not a diatribe about past grievances, but a celebration of victories that cry out not to be forgotten. A model of artful restraint...immensely moving."
-Washington Post

"NISEI SOLDIER is a mirror of America at her worst and at her best. I am deeply impressed."
-Bill Moyers

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