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The books below are recommended for further reading about Asian American history. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and we welcome your suggestions.

Most of these books are available for purchase directly online from Amazon.com. To place an order, simply click on the item you wish to buy, and you will be linked directly to the appropriate page at Amazon.com. CET will receive a percentage of each Amazon.com book sale made directly through these web site links. If you wish to purchase more than one book, you may return to the CET web site and follow another item link or continue through Amazon.com.












Recent General Asian American Sources

Day, I. “Out of Place: Asian North America in Transnational Borderlands.” Ph.D. Dissertation, University of California, Berkeley, 2007

Im, K. “Empire and the Diasporic Formation of Asian America.” Ph.D. Dissertation, Univ. of Utah, 2006

Jung, Moon-Ho. Coolies and Cane: Race, Labor and Sugar in the Age of Emancipation, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2006

Lee, J., Lim, I.L. and Matsukawa, Y. eds. Re/collecting Early Asian America: Essays in Cultural History.  Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2002

Ngai, Mae M. Impossible Subjects: Illegal Aliens and the Making of Modern America. Princeton, 2004

Okihiro, Gary Y. Columbia Guide to Asian American History. New York: Columbia Univ. Press, 2001

Okihiro, Gary Y. Common Ground: Re-imagining American History. Princeton University Press, 2001

Yu, Henry. Thinking Orientals: Migration, Contact and Exoticism in Modern America. Oxford University

Press, 2001

AMERICAN JOURNEY: The Asian-American Experience CD-ROM
UCLA/Primary Source Media
Designed for college-age students, this CD-ROM covers Asian American history and contemporary issues, and includes audiovisual materials and primary documents.

UXL/Gale Research / 1995
Explore significant social, political, economic, cultural and professional milestones in Asian American history with this reference. Arranged by year and then by month and day where applicable, the Chronology spans from prehistory to modern times and contains more than 60 illustrations, extensive cross references and a cumulative subject index.
ISBN/ISSN: 0-8103-9692-0

Asian America: Chinese and Japanese in the United States since 1850
Roger Daniels / 1990 (reprint)

Asian Americans: An Interpretive History (Twayne's Immigrant Heritage of America Series)
Sucheng Chan / 1991

The Asian American Almanac: A Reference Work on Asians in the United States (1st Ed.)
Susan Gall & Irene Natividad (eds.) / 1995

Asian American Encyclopedia
Franklin Ng (ed.) / 1995

Asian American Experiences in the United States: Oral Histories of First to Fourth Generation Americans from China, the Philippines, Japan...
Joann Faung & Jean Lee / 1991

Asian American Panethnicity: Bridging Institutions and Identities (Asian American History and Culture)
Yen Le Espiritu / 1993

Asian American Women and Men: Labor, Laws, and Love (Gender Lens)
Yen Le Espiritu / 1996

The Asian American Movement (Asian American History and Culture)
William Wei / 1994

Asian Americans and Congress: A Documentary History (Documentary Reference Collections)
Hyung-Chan Kim (ed.) / 1996

Asian Americans Information Directory: A Guide to Organizations, Agencies, Institutions, Programs, Publications, and Services Concerned With Asian America
Charles B. Montney & Ned Burels (eds.) / 1994

Asian Indians, Filipinos, Other Asian Communities and the Law (Asian Americans and the Law, Vol 4)
Charles McClain (ed.) / 1994

Asians in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Bibliography
Leon Lamgen / 1990
ISBN/ISSN: 016.9800495 L579 A832 1990)

Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States (Population of the United States in the 1980s)
Herbert R. Barringer et al. / 1995

Asians in America: A Reader
Malcolm Collier / 1993

Contemporary American Immigrants: Patterns of Philippine, Korean, and Chinese Settlement in the United States
Luciano Mangiafico / 1988

The Contemporary Asian American Experience: Beyond the Model Minority
Timothy P. Fong / 1998

Dragon Ladies: Asian American Feminists Breathe Fire
Sonia Shah (ed.) / 1997

Eastern Standard Time, a Guide to Asian Influence on American Culture: From Astro Boy to Zen Buddhism
Jeff Yang et al. (eds.) / 1997

Everything You Need to Know About Asian American History
Lan Cao & Himilce Novas / 1996

Immigrant Acts: On Asian American Cultural Politics
Lisa Lowe / 1996

Labor Immigration under Capitalism: Asian Workers in the United States before World War II
Edna Bonacich & Lucie Cheng (eds.) / 1984

A Legal History of Asian Americans, 1790-1990 (Contributions in Ethnic Studies, No 34)
Hyung-Chan Kim / 1994

Making and Remaking Asian America through Immigration Policy 1850-1990 (Asian America)
Bill Ong Hing / 1993

Making Waves: New Writings by Asian American Women
Diane Yen-mei Wong & Emilya Chacopero (eds.) / 1989

Making More Waves: New Writings by Asian American Women
Elaine Kim & Lilia V. Villanueva (eds.) / 1997

Margins and Mainstreams: Asians in America
Gary Okihiro / 1994

Among the White Moon Faces: An Asian American Memoir of Homelands (Cross-Cultural Memoir Series)
Shirley Goek-Lin Lim / 1996

Moving the Image: Independent Asian Pacific American Media Arts 1970-1990
Russell Leong (Introduction) / 1992

The New Asian Immigrants in Los Angeles and Global Restructuring
Paul Ong & Edna Bonacich / 1994

New Visions in Asian American Studies: Diversity, Community, Power (Association for Asian American Studies)
Franklin Ng, Judy Yung & Stephen Fugita / 1994

Organizing Asian American Labor: The Pacific Coast Canned-Salmon Industry 1870-1942 (Asian American History and Culture)
Chris Friday / 1995

Orientals: Asian Americans in Popular Culture
Robert G. Lee / 1998

Positions East Asia Cultures Critique: New Formations, New Questions: Asian American Studies (Empires of Hygiene, Vol. 6, No. 3)
Elaine H. Kim & Lisa Lowe (eds.) / 1998

Race and Politics: Asian Americans, Latinos, and Whites in a Los Angeles Suburb (The Asian American Experience)
Roger Daniels & Leland Saito / 1998

Race, Rights, and the Asian American Experience
Angelo N. Ancheta / 1998

Racism, Dissent, and Asian Americans from 1850 to the Present: A Documentary History (Contributions in American History, No. 148)
Philip S. Foner & Daniel Rosenberg (eds.) / 1993

The Retreat from Race: Asian American Admissions and Racial Politics
Dana Y. Takagi / 1993

Reviewing Asian America: Locating Diversity (Association for Asian American Studies Series)
Wendy L. Ng & Soo-young Chin / 1995

Strangers from a Different Shore: A History of Asian Americans
Ronald Takaki / 1998 (revised ed.)

Teaching Asian America: Diversity and the Problem of Community (Pacific Formations)
Lane Ryo Hirabayashi (ed.) / 1997




Aarim-Heriot, N. Chinese Immigrants, African Americans & Racial Anxiety in the United States, 1848-82. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2006

Chan, Sucheng, ed. Chinese American Transnationalism: The Flow of People, Resources and Ideas between China & America during the Exclusion Era.  Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2006

Chen, Shehong. Reconstructing the Chinese American Experience in Lowell, Mass., 1   870s-1970s. Boston: Institute for Asian American Studies, 2003

Chen, Y. “Remembering Ah Quin: A Century of Social Memory in a Chinese American Family.”  The Oral

 History Review, 27(1) (Winter): 57-80, 2000 

Chew, K. and Liu, J. “Hidden in Plain Sight: Global Labor Force Exchange in the Chinese American Population, 1880-1940,” Population and Development, 30 (1) (March): 57-78, 2004

Lee, Erika. At America's Gates: Chinese Immigration during the Exclusion Era, 1882-1943. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2007

Pfaelzer, J. Driven Out: The Forgotten War Against Chinese Americans. NY: Random House, 2007

Yung, J., Chang, G.H. and Lai, H.M. eds. Chinese American Voices: From the Gold Rush to the Present. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2006

The Adjustment Experience of Chinese Immigrant Children in New York City
Betty Lee Sung / 1987

Alas! What Brought Thee Hither? The Chinese in New York 1800-1950
Arthur Bonner / 1996

The Anti-Chinese Movement in California
Elmer Clarence Sandmeyer & Roger Daniels / 1991 (reprint)

Bamboo and Butterflies: From Refugee to Citizen
JoAn Dewey Criddle / 1992

Bitter Melon: Inside America's Last Rural ChineseTown
Jeff Gillenkirk et al. / 1993

A Chinaman's Chance: The Chinese on the Rocky Mountain Mining Frontier
Liping Zhu / 1997

Chinatown: Most Time, Hard Time
Chalsa M. Loo / 1991

Chinatown, Economic Adaptation and Ethnic Identity of the Chinese
Bernard P. Wong / 1982

Chinese Gold: The Chinese in the Monterey Bay Region
Sandy Lydon / 1985

Chinese American Portraits: Personal Histories, 1828-1988
Ruthanne Lum McCunn / 1996

Chinese Immigrants and American Law (Asian Americans and the Law, Vol 1)
Charles McClain (ed.) / 1994

Chinese in the Post-Civil War South: A People without a History
Lucy M. Cohen / 1984

Claiming America: Constructing Chinese American Identities during the Exclusion Era (Asian American History and Culture)
Kevin Scott Wong & Sucheng Chan (eds.) / 1998

Claiming Chinese Identity (Asian Americans)
Elionne L. W. Belden / 1997

Closing the Gate: Race, Politics, and the Chinese Exclusion Act
Andrew Gyory / 1998

The Coming Man: 19th Century American Perceptions of the Chinese
Philip P. Choy, Lorraine Dong & Marlon K. Hom (eds.) / 1995

The Course of Exclusion, 1882-1924: San Francisco Newspaper Coverage of the Chinese and Japanese in the United States
Jules Becker / 1991

Entry Denied: Exclusion and the Chinese Community in America, 1882-1943
(Asian American History and Culture)
Sucheng Chan (ed.) / 1994

Ethnicity and Entrepreneurship: The New Chinese Immigrants in the San Francisco Bay Area (New Immigrant Series)
Bernard G. Wong / 1997

Fifth Chinese Daughter
Jade Snow Wong / 1989

Hidden Heritage: Historical Archaeology of the Overseas Chinese
Priscilla Wegars (ed.) / 1993

A History Reclaimed: An Annotated Bibliography of Chinese Language Materials on the Chinese of America
Him Mark Lai / 1986
A reference guide containing 1,500 items on emigration, the overseas Chinese, the Chinese in America, directories, organizations, economy and business, biographies and travel accounts, China politics, journalism, literature, and culture.

Incident at Bitter Creek: The Story of the Rock Springs Chinese Massacre
Craig Storti / 1991

Island: Poetry and History of Chinese Immigrations on Angel Island 1910-1940
Him Mark Lai, Genny Lim & Judy Yung/ 1980

Land Without Ghosts: Chinese Impressions of America from the Mid-Nineteenth Century to the Present
R. David Arkush / 1993

Laws Harsh as Tigers: Chinese Immigrants and the Shaping of Modern Immigration Law (Studies in Legal History)
Lucy Salyer / 1995

Longtime Californ': A Documentary Study of an American Chinatown
Victor G. Nee & Brett De Bary Nee / 1986

Marginal Sights: Staging the Chinese in America: Studies in Theatre History and Culture
James S. Moy / 1993

The Mississippi Chinese: Between Black and White
James W. Loewen / 1988

The New Chinatown
Peter Kwong / 1996

On Gold Mountain: The 100-0Year Odyssey of My Chinese American Family
Lisa See / 1996

A Place Called Chinese America
Diane Mei Lin Mark & Ginger Chih / 1993

Reconstructing Chinatown: Ethnic Enclaves, Global Change
Jan Lin / 1998

Reflections of Seattle's Chinese Americans: The First 100 Years
Ron Chew (ed.) / 1995

Revolutionaries, Monarchists and Chinatowns: Chinese Politics in the Americas and the 1911 Revolution
L. Eve Armentrout Ma / 1990

Sailing for the Sun: The Chinese in Hawaii, 1789-1989
Arlene Lum (ed.) / 1990

Sojourners and Settlers: Chinese Migrants in Hawaii
Clarence Elmer Glick / 1980

Surviving on the Gold Mountain: A History of Chinese American Women and Their Lives
Huping Ling / 1998

Tales from Gold Mountain: Stories of the Chinese in the New World
Paul Yee / 1989

This Bittersweet Soil: The Chinese in California Agriculture, 1860-1910
Sucheng Chan / 1987

Unbound Feet: A Social History of Chinese Women in San Francisco
Judy Yung / 1995

Unsubmissive Women: Chinese Prostitutes in Nineteenth-Century San Francisco
Benson Tong / 1994



Lott, J.T.  Common Destiny: Filipino American Generations.  Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield, 2006

Sobredo, James D. “From American ‘Nationals’ to the ‘Third Asiatic Invasion’: Racial Transformation and Filipino Exclusion (1898-1934).”  Ph.D. Dissertation, University of California-Berkeley, 1998

Tiongson, A.T. Jr., Gutierrez, E.V. and Gutierrez, R.V. eds. Positively No Filipinos Allowed: Building Communities and Discourse.  Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2006

Almost Americans: A Quest for Dignity
Patricia Justiniani McReynolds / 1997

America Is in the Heart: A Personal History
Carlos Bulosan / 1946

Being Here
Jaime P. Espiritu / 1997

Child of Two Worlds: An Autobiography of a Filipino American or Vice Versa
Norman Reyes, Pete Sapasap (illustr.) / 1995

Contemporary American Immigrants: Patterns of Philippine, Korean, and Chinese Settlement in the United States
Luciano Mangiafico / 1988

Dignity of the Soul: The Story of Filipino Bravery in World War II
William B. Peavey / 1995

Discrepant Histories: Translocal Essays on Filipino Cultures (Asian American History and Culture)
Vicente L. Rafael (ed.) / 1995

The Filipino Americans from 1763 to the Present: Their History, Culture, and Traditions
Veltisezar B. Bautista / 1998

Filipino Americans: Transformation and Identity
Maria P. P. Root (ed.) / 1997

Filipino American Lives (Asian American History and Culture)
Yen Le Espiritu / 1995

Filipino Americans (Footsteps to America)
Alexandra Bandon / 1993

The Filipinos in America (in America Books)
Frank H. Winter / 1988

Finding Your Ethnic American Roots/Filipino (Ethnic American Book)
Robert D. Reed, Danek S. Kaus / 1993

From Exile to Diaspora: The Filipino Experience in the United States
Epifanio San Juan / 1998

In the Heart of Filipino America: Immigrants from the Pacific Isles (The Asian American Experience)
Robert Takaki et al. / 1994

Philip Vera Cruz: A Personal History of Filipino Immigrants and the Farmworkers Movement
Craig Scharlin, Lilia V. Villanueva / 1997

Philippine Woman in America
Cecilia Manguerra Brainard / 1991



Azuma, Eiichiro. Between Two Empires: Race, History and Transnationalism in Japanese America. New York: Oxford University Press, 2005

Hirohata, J. & Hirohata, P.T. eds. Nisei Voices: Japanese American Students of the 1930s–Then and Now. Oakland, CA: Hirohata Design, 2004

Smith, Susan Lynn. Japanese American Midwives: Culture, Community and Health Politics, 1880-1950. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2005

Tengan, C. “Cultivating Communities: Japanese American Gardeners in Southern California, 1910-1980.”  Ph.D. Dissertation, Brown University, 2006

Country Voices: The Oral History of a Japanese American Family Farm Community
David Mas Masumoto / 1987

For the Sake of Our Japanese Brethren: Assimilation, Nationalism, and Protestantism Among the Japanese of Los Angeles, 1895-1942 (Asian America)
Brian Masaru Hayashi / 1995

Ganbatte: Sixty-Year Struggle of a Kibei Worker
Karl G. Yoneda / 1984

History of the Okinawans in North America
Okinawa Club of America, Ben Kobashigawa (transl.) / 1989

The Hood River Issei: An Oral History of Japanese Settlers in Oregon's Hood River Valley
Linda Tamura / 1993

Issei: Japanese Immigrants in Hawaii
Yukiko Kimura / 1992

The Japanese American Experience (Minorities in Modern America)
David J. O'Brien / 1991

Japanese American History: An A-To-Z Reference from 1868 to the Present
Brian Niiya (ed.) / 1993

Japanese Americans: The Formation and Transformations of an Ethnic Group (Twayne's Immigrant Heritage of America Series)
Paul R. Spickard / 1997

Japanese American Women: Three Generations, 1890-1990
Mei T. Nakano / 1990

Japanese Immigrants and American Law: The Alien Land Laws and Other Issues (Asian Americans and the Law, Vol 2)
Charles McClain (ed.) / 1994

The Japanese in America, 1843-1973: A Chronology and Fact Book
Herman Masako (compil.) / 1974

The Japanese Texans (Texians and the Texans)
Thomas K. Walls / 1987

Kanyaku Imin: A Hundred Years of Japanese Life in Hawaii, 1885-1985 Centennial Edition
Leonard Leures / 1987

Morning Glory, Evening Shadow: Yamato Ichihashi and His Internment Writings, 1942-1945 (Asian America)
Yamato Ichihashi, Gordon Chang (ed.) / 1997

Nisei/Sansei: Shifting Japanese American Identities and Politics (Asian American History and Culture)
Jere Takahashi / 1997

An Ocean Between Us/the Changing Relationship of Japan and the United States, Told in Four Stories from the Life of an American Town
Evelyn Iritani / 1994

Okage Sama De: The Japanese in Hawai'i, 1885-1985
Dorothy Ochiai Hazama, Jane Okamoto Komeiji / 1986

Promises Kept: The Life of an Issei Man
Akemi Kikumura / 1991

Steel Butterflies: Japanese Women and the American Experience
Nancy Brown Diggs / 1998

Strawberry Road
Yoshimi Ishikawa, Eve Zimmerman (transl.) / 1991

Strength and Diversity: Japanese American Women 1885 to 1991
Florence Hongo / 1990 (published by JACP Incorporated)

A Student's Guide to Japanese American Geneaology.
Yoji Yamaguchi / 1996

Transforming the Past: Tradition and Kinship among Japanese Americans
Sylvia Junko Yanagisako / 1992

Uchinanchu: A History of Okinawans in Hawaii
Ethnic Studies Oral History Project / 1984



And Justice for All: An Oral History of the Japanese American Detention Camps
John Tateishi (ed.) 1984

Citizen 13660
Mine Okubo / 1983

Dear Miye: Letters Home from Japan, 1939-1946 (Asian America)
Mary Kimoto Tomita, Robert G. Lee (ed.) / 1996

An Enemy Among Friends
Kiyoaki Murata / 1991

Face of the Enemy, Heart of a Patriot: Japanese American Internment Narratives (Modern Eyes American History)
Ann Koto Hayashi / 1995

Go for Broke: A Pictoral History of the Japanese American 100th Infantry Battalion and the 442d Regimental Combat Team
Chester Tanaka / 1997

Honor by Fire: Japanese Americans at War in Europe and the Pacific
Lyn Crost / 1996

Imprisoned Apart: The World War II Correspondence of an Issei Couple (Scott and Laurie Oki Series in Asian American Studies)
Louis Fiset & Roger Daniels / 1998

Issei, Nisei, War Bride
Evelyn Nakano Glenn / 1988

Japanese American World War II Evacuation Oral History Project
Part I: Internees Vol 1
Arthur Hansen (ed.) / 1991

Japanese American World War II Evacuation Oral History Project
Part II: Administrators Vol 2
Arthur A. Hansen (ed.) / 1991

Japanese American World War II Evacuation Oral History Project
Part III: Analysts Vol 3
Arthur A. Hansen (ed.) / 1994

Japanese American World War II Evacuation Oral History Project
Part IV: Resisters Vol 4
Arthur A. Hansen (ed.) / 1995

Japanese American World War II Evacuation Oral History Project
Part V: Guards and Townspeople Vol 5
Arthur A. Hansen & Nora M. Jesch (eds.) / 1993

Japanese Americans and World War II: Exclusion, Internment, and Redress
Donald Teruo Hata et al. / 1995

Japanese Americans: From Relocation to Redress
Roger Daniels et al. / 1992

The Japanning of America: Redress and Reparations Demands by Japanese Americans
Lillian Baker / 1991

Jewel of the Desert: Japanese American Internment at Topaz
Sandra C. Taylor / 1993

Justice at War
Peter Irons / 1993

Justice Delayed: The Record of the Japanese American Internment Cases
Peter Irons (ed.) 1989

The Kikuchi Diary: Chronicle from an American Concentration Camp
Charles Kikuchi, John Modell (designer) / 1993

Legacy of Injustice: Exploring the Cross-Generational Impact of the Japanese American Internment (Critical Issues in Social Justice)
Donna K. Nagata / 1993

Life in a Japanese American Internment Camp (Way People Live)
Diane Yancey / 1998

The Mass Internment of Japanese Americans and the Quest for Legal Redress (Asian Americans and the Law, Vol 3)
Charles McClain / 1994

Personal Justice Denied: Report of the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians
United States Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians et al. / 1997

Prisoners without Trial: Japanese Americans in World War II (Critical Issue)
Roger Daniels / 1993

Repairing America: An Account of the Movement for Japanese American Redress
William Minoru Hohri / 1988

Righting a Wrong: Japanese Americans and the Passage of the Civil Liberties Act of 1988 (Asian America)
Leslie T. Hatamiya / 1993

Tule Lake: From Relocation to Segregation
Harold Stanley Jacoby / 1996

Whispered Silences: Japanese Americans and World War II
Gary Y. Okihiro (text) & Joan Myers (photographs) / 1996

Years of Infamy: The Untold Story of America's Concentration Camps
Michi Nishiura Weglyn / 1996





Kim, I.J. ed. Korean-Americans: Past, Present & Future. Elizabeth, N.J.: Hollym Internat’l Corp, 2004

Blue Dreams: Korean Americans and the Los Angeles Riots
Nancy Abelmann & John Lie / 1995

Changes and Conflicts: Korean Immigrant Families in New York (New Immigrants)
Pyong-Gap Min / 1997

Contemporary American Immigrants: Patterns of Philippine, Korean, and Chinese Settlement in the United States
Luciano Mangiafico / 1988

East to America: Korean American Life Stories
Elaine H. Kim & Eui-Young Yu (eds.) / 1996

Entrepreneurship and Religion: Korean Immigrants in Houston, Texas (Garland Studies)
Victoria Hyonchu Kwon / 1997

From the Land of Morning Calm: The Koreans in America (Asian American Experience)
Ronald Takaki & Rebecca Stefoff / 1994

The Golden Mountain: The Autobiography of a Korean Immigrant, 1895-1960 (Asian American Experience)
Easurk Emsen Charr & Wayne Patterson (eds.) / 1995

Home Was the Land of Morning Calm: A Saga of a Korean American Family
K. Connie Kang / 1995

Korean Americans (Footsteps to America)
Alexandra Bandon / 1994

The Korean Americans (New Americans Series)
Won Moo Hurh / 1998

Korean Americans (Cultures of America)
Lauren Lee / 1995

Korean Americans: An Annotated Bibliography of Korean and English Language Materials
Eun Sik Yang & Gary Wanki Park (compil.) /
Drawn from newspapers, documents and court records, prison records and accounts, oral histories and other materials that can be found in libraries, archives, and record centers. Sections on: Korean American community history, economic adjustment, media, religion, literature, and family and women’s issues. $10.00. UCLA AAS

The Korean Frontier in America: Immigration to Hawaii, 1896-1910
Wayne Patterson / 1994

Korean Studies in America: Options for the Future
Ronald Morse / 1983

Koreans in America
Bong Youn Choy / out of print

The Koreans in America (In America Series)
Wayne Patterson & Hyung-Chan Kim / 1993

New Urban Immigrants: The Korean Community in New York
Il Soo Kim

Quiet Odyssey: A Pioneer Korean Woman in America
Mary Paik Lee / 1990

Winds of Change: Korean Women in America
Diana Yu / 1991




Gurinder Singh Mann, Numrich, P. and Williams, R. Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs in America: A Short History [Religion in American Life]. New York City: Oxford University Press, 2007

An Immigrant Success Story : East Indians in America
Arthur & Usha M. Helweg / 1991

Asian Indian Americans (Footsteps to America)
Alexandra Bandon / 1995

The Asian Indian Elderly in America; An Examination of Values, Family, and Life Satisfaction
Jyotsna Mirle Kalavar / 1998

Asian Indian Ethnics in the United States : A Selected Research Bibliography
Indu Vohra-Sahu / 1984

The Asian Indian Experience in the United States
Parmatma Saran / 1985

Asian Indians (Recent American Immigrants Series)
Susan Gordon / 1990

Asian Indians in the United States
East-West Center / 1989

Asian Indians in the United States : A 1980 Census Profile
Peter Xenos / 1989

Between the Lines: South Asians in America and Postcoloniality (Asian American History and Culture)
Deepika Bahri & Mary Vasudeva (eds.) / 1997

Contours of the Heart: South Asians Map North America
Sunaina Maira et al / 1996

History of Indian Immigration to the United States: an Interpretive Essay
Roger Daniels / 1989

Life Lines : Community, Family, and Assimilation among Chicago's Asian Indians
Jean Leslie Bacon / 1996

On the Trail of an Uncertain Dream: Indian Immigrant Experience in America
Sathi Sengupta Dasgupta / 1989

Our Feet Walk the Sky: Women of the South Asian Diaspora
Women of South Asian Descent Collective (eds.) / 1993

Pakistanis in Michigan : A Study of Third Culture and Acculturation (Immigrant Communities and Ethnic Minorities in the United States and Canada, 59)
Iftikhar Haider Malik / 1990

A Part, Yet Apart: South Asians in Asian America (Asian American History and Culture)
Lavina Dhingra Shankar & Rajini Srikanth (eds.) / 1998

Passage From India - Asian Indian Immigrants in North America
Joan M. Jensen / 1988

A Patchwork Shawl: Chronicles of South Asian Women in America
Shamita Das Dasgupta (ed.) / 1998

Performing Indianness in New York: Desi on the Hudson
Sunita Sunder Mukhi / 1999

The Shock of Arrival: Reflections on Postcolonial Experience
Meena Alexander / 1996

The Sikh Diaspora : Tradition and Change in an Immigrant Community (Asian Americans - Reconceptualizing Culture, History, Politics)
Michael Angelo / 1997

The South Asian Americans (The New Americans)
Karen Isaksen Leonard / 1997




Family Tightrope: The Changing Lives of Vietnamese Americans
Nazli Kibria / 1993

From Exiles to Immigrants: The Refugees of Southeast Asia
Ronald Takaki et al. / 1995

Growing Up American: How Vietnamese Children Adapt to Life in the United States
Min Zhou, Carl L. Bankston III / 1998

Hearts of Sorrow: Vietnamese American Lives
James M. Freeman / 1989

Hmong Means Free: Life Laos and America (Asian American History and Culture)
Sucheng Chan (ed.) / 1994

New Pioneers in the Heartland: Hmong Life in Wisconsin (New Immigrants Series)
Jo Ann Koltyk / 1997

Refugees as Immigrants: Cambodians, Laotians, and Vietnamese in America
David W. Haines / 1989

South Wind Changing
Jade Ngoc Quang Huynh / 1994

Southeast Asians
William McGuire / out of print

Southeast Asians in Rhode Island: The New Americans
Louise Lind / 1989

Vietnamerica: The War Comes Home
Thomas A. Bass / 1996

The Vietnamese Experience in America (Minorities in Modern America)
Paul James Rutledge / 1992

Voices from Southeast Asia: The Refugee Experience in the United States (Ellis Island Series)
John Tenhula / 1991

Watermark: Vietnamese American Poetry and Prose
Barbara Tran et al. (eds.) / 1998



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